Hey all,

How do I explain this...I started txting this girl in Jan....shes HB 8 and quite cute but danm i messed it up i guess not sure....

So I saw that she graduated from korea university. So I assumed she prolly went there to be with her korean bf...that was my guess..anyways I started off like this...

I sent her a friend request...

Jan 18
Me -- Hi!
My name is Sam.
Would you allow me to be your friend?
You studied in seoul? Thats soo cool. I have alot of friends from korea and know some korean too ^^
I know you dont know me yet! But everyone you first knew were strangers too no? hee hee ^^

jan 20th
She -- Hey sam,
Nice to meet u too. Yeah I did my mba in korea. What about u? What's ur relation with the country?

jan 20th
me -- Hi hername,
My ex gf was Korean and my current best friend is also korean haha.
I have been to Seoul once. I can read and write korean but I don't know what I am reading and writing hehehe.
Ah, you are going to Las Vegas soon! So cool! But for soo long hehe ^^
And thanks for accepting my friend request ^^

jan 22nd
she -- Hey that's pretty cool. so did u study in korea too? What part of seoul did u live in? But u r thai indian right?

jan 22nd
me -- Yeah I am thai indian I was in Seoul, lived in yoksaemgu for a month. I went to stay there for understand Korean culture more.
Why did u of all the places in the world choose to study on Korea? Hehe
When are u leaving for L..A?

jan 24th
she -- ah I see. Lol, my story is not much different from urs. I used to have a korean bf. hehehehe. So that's probably the reason y i chose to do my mba in korea. About the LA thing, it's an inside joke with my friends. Won't be going there anytime soon. Hahahha. got myself in a lot of trouble for that!

jan 25th
me -- I figured as much u were in Korea for that reason hee hee.
Hey we should meet up and share some of our Korea experiences. It will be fun! Sometime next week? What do u say?

jan 26th
she -- well thanks for the invite, but frankly speaking it's a lil weird to meet up with someone i barely know and that too over the internet.

jan 26th (I started getting a little crazy here, wacky and stupid, big mistake)

me -- Ofcourwe its weird and funny! Lol. I have a hidden agenda to meet you for the safety of the universe. Meet me not and the universe will self destruct in two weeks. See how important you are? Hee hee.
I am sure u have an army of friends. It's just that I will be the first human being u probably will meet via online? Thats cool in a way. U can one day relay the story to ur grandkids about how u met the first human being in person via online and how weird it probably was not! hee hee
Anyways, what do u think I could possibly do to u in public places? Lol. U think I am uncivilized and barbaric right and possibly from outer space too?

jan 27th

she -- hahaha no not like that. It's just weird

jan 27th

me -- It may sound weird. Hee hee. But really its not.
Okay, tell u what. Let's meet up for a very simple coffee or snack , near ur work place, and if it feels weird, u will never see me again nor will I ever contact u again. And as an added bonus, u can even remove me from ur Facebook and slam a cheesecake on my face Lol ;p....theres always a first time for everything right?

no reply.......I didnt pursue her then...she quit fb for like 4-5 months and them she shows up...I decide to play her again and it goes like this

sept 13th
Me -- Hi! I thought you quit or were on a long term facebook hiatus or something. ^~^
anyways its nice to see you back. ^~^
About where we left off, I could imagine how weird it could have been like meeting up with a complete stranger ya know, like me ^~^
And can you just act like my last 2-3 messages to you are like non-existent. haha ^~^ That did be real graceful of you. Thank you haha ^~^
Welcome back I guess. ^~^

sept 15th
she --hey. Don't worry message. * about the

sept 16th
me -- cool! ^~^
So I was wondering if you could give me the opportunity to get to know you? ^~^ Starting from here of course. lol. ^~^

sept 16th
she -- all right

sept 16th
me -- So how do you spend most of your time? ^~^

sept 16th
she -- Mostly working. it takes up a lot of my time. What about u? Btw who r u?

sept 16th
me -- Hope u're enjoyin your work? Hee hee. Is it fun?
I used to work alot. Haha
I'm Sam. A Human. and our ex's were postcard pretty human Koreans.

Sept 17th
she -- Work's ok but it takes lots of my time. But it's not bad. Very challenging. Lucky u that u don't have to work much anymore

Sept 17th
me -- By "Alot" I mean 25 hours a day. haha. I do 8 hours now. ^~^
Sounds like u're sorta in med-high position in ur company. U're not the dominating type are u? huu huu

Sept 17th
she -- I think I do about 11 hours on average. Hehe. Consulting life style. Yeah it's about mid level, have about 30 ppl under me. Not used to it yet. I'm actually ok, dominating when I have to be.R u like in acting class or something? Haha got that from ur dp pic

Sept 18th
me -- 11 hours is.....Cool! U're like The Incredible Hulk or something. haha What sort of consultation services do you provide?
Yeah, good guess haha Acting's my hobby. This dp pic is a snapshot of a video.

no response.......

Thats my field game...I'm pretty sure, I tried my best..I need to Number Close her then get to IM...but danm...how?