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    Default Help text girl from last night

    (sorry if dont use the right terms, english is not my main language)

    So last night I got drunk so I could get less shy and talk to girls. It works that's why I do it

    So there was a friend of mine at a club and she was with a couple of other girls. I started talking to a girl and she was really into me from the start. A couple of minutes since we started talking and we were already kissing (making out is the term right?).

    I was there with some friends and then we left. She even grabbed my phone and typed her number there. I texted her after leaving asking her if she still was there. She didnt answer.

    Today when i woke up i got a text from her saying "i went home. and sorry, im not usually like that. that happened because i was really drunk "

    The problem is that when im not drunk i really dont know what to say to girls when texting..

    i dont care too much about this girl but i think i could go for a coffee date with her. What should i answer her text? even if i dont want a coffee what sould i say to her?

    (dont forget she said to me today "i went home. and sorry, im not usually like that. that happened because i was really drunk ")

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    Default Re: Help text girl from last night

    send this: "u weren't the only one things got pretty weird after u left last night..... an agressive cougar grabbed my but! and i have the hand print to prove it! "
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