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Thread: cant get this conversation going

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    Default cant get this conversation going

    me: well i see you like almost everything i put on here lol its ok if your creepin on me

    her: lol ya sorry i just cant help it! lol

    me: haha i knew it! every time i get on here htere is an update blah blah likes your status lol

    she seems interested but i can never get more then a few messages back if any i just dont know what i could say next time to get her number or go out for anything lol we have had more convos but this is the most current
    im on a different level

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    Default Re: cant get this conversation going

    Well it sounds like you are just describing the obvious like a commentary.'You've written to me...Ive written to like my status...she cant help it'.

    Try push it into the extreme realms of emotional connections. Start by getting a hook point beyond the obvious 'you are messaging each other'. The hook could be something funny, something creative, something adventurous. Anything that you can lead off into scenarios about.

    I don't know anything about her so Ill try an example. Lets say she has long blonde hair. You say 'I could ski down your hair'. She writes back and laughs or whatever. 'We could both ski down your hair it's so long!' You add you two 'together'. You can then lead off into 'do you ski? Skiing is like dancing at 50kmh. If you can dance you can ski. You can dance right??'. Whatever she says you can lead off into a compliment or neg. 'You can't dance? They say people who can't dance are not good in bed...they just lie there haha...Im sure you dont feel that way do you?' or more subtle 'if you had a leading man maybe I could get you to swing your hips and bend zee knees'. 'It's like good salsa music...even if you can't dance you can't help swing your hips about...imagine dancing on an exotic beach in costa rica to an evening salsa beat with fire lanterns along the beach!! That would make you feel good right?? Take my hand, lets grab a colorful cocktail!'

    You want to steer the conversation towards emotions, exotic dreamy role playing and subjects that can easily evoke her imagination and involve her. If she is dull be the tour guide. You can subtly start involving her in that dream...even get her leading it if you can and seeding the idea of you two doing something exciting together. The whole way through you are avoiding talking about repititous 'so whats your job blah blah blah' stuff and getting straight down to the bare essentials of what your virtues are - you are adventurous, she is adventurous, you are handsome, she is beautiful, you are smart funny and creative, she is exciting, passionate and caring etc etc. You provide a hook or role playing dream and how you would handle the situation (advertising your strengths) and encourage how she would handle the situation (kind of testing her and getting her to reveal her hopes aspirations and intel on what she is looking for). Calibrate to what she says and try ask questions that reveal her deep emotional desires 'how would that make you feel? That would feel exciting dancing on a beach at night with a band playing wouldn't it?' 'you like long dresses? How do you feel when you wear long dresses? Most girls wear mini skirts in you seem more conservative with a long floral dress...but they can also be in those movies where the beautiful lady is in front of a sunshine filled window and the dress is see through haha...' etc etc

    Then when you come to ask for a number or date you can say 'Well I can't take you skiing but I know a great gelato place - why dont we go and get some ice cream tomorrow?' or 'Well Im not going to take you to Costa Rica, but I know this great Caribbean restaurant/bar we should definately go check out' or 'I'll be away from my computer tomorrow, Im off dance skiing in Costa Rica what's your number? We can chat via text'

    If you build immense levels of emotional attraction and she responds positively you know she will give you her number or accept a date.

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