I'm in college and I met this girl out one night at a party. We were both drunk and had a great night talking. She gave me her number at the end of the night and asked if she could see me again. Eventually, late that night she texted me to go over to her place. Long story short, we had some awesome sex.

I called her a couple days later saying I had a great time and that I wanted to see her again. She agreed and we went out for some coffee the next week. We talked for only about 40 minutes and then conversation started to die. She then abruptly said she had some homework to do before class. I thought this was a bad sign, as she was abruptly leaving.

I called her a couple days later on the weekend to see what was up and say I'd like to see her again (even though I had a hard time reading her). She, to my surprise, said that was a good idea, and we recently went to go grab some dinner. Since its a college town, we don't really have any nice sit down places, so we ended up going to a bar with some pretty good food on a Wednesday night. We were there for about an hour and then again she abruptly says "well, should we go?". I said sure and we ended up just walking around for about 20 minutes and I eventually walked her home.

At the end of the night, I went for a hug, we looked each other in the eye then we both went in for a kiss. I thought we were both feeling it big time, but she ended up just pecking me and saying "Ok, I'l see you later"

Basically, this girl is really tough to read. She seems pretty shy and it seems like I am always forcing conversation. Some of the conversations are just boring stuff like "what movies do you like" or what not but some stuff we genuinely shared some laughs and common interests. For most girls, a lot of the signs I'm getting would tell me that she is uninterested; however, she still talks with me when I initiate and she went out on date 2 even after some questionable signs she was giving.

Basically, from what i've described, is she into me? Is the abrupt ending of dates and her lack of her initiating conversation because of her personality of being shy or is she just not into me? Is texting an appropriate way to talk with a girl (I have no problem calling, but texting can be more convenient during the day or what not)