I’ve been in an open relationship with a girl for 11 months… not serious but definitely a bit more than “just hooking up”. Last Thursday, I got STD tested and passed with flying colors (BOOYAH) and for some odd reason still unbeknownst to me I thought it would be funny to play a prank on her… So I texted her saying I had herpes and syphilis (really didn’t think she would believe me), anyway it didn’t go over well. Whole thing lasted maybe 3mins but by then she had started crying… clearly didn’t think it was as funny as I did. We chat a little bit, I apologize once, she didn’t respond to my last text… no biggy. I apologized the second day (I know not to apologize twice, but the first one was quick/insincere/in the middle of ongoing text convo) and she didn’t respond. I text her later asking what she’s up to, no response, until I get a 12am drunk text saying “I’m cold” (this chick is a bit crazy) I replied with something funny… no response to my reply (maybe she’s a bit tired of my sense of humor?). Saturday I send her a funny text, no response, ask her what she’s doing, no response, then I text her “Babe you throwin’ down silent treatment? Sick power move” (I know that silence is normally best met with silence but there’s something disarming/alpha about pointing it out/making fun of it).

Anyway so assuming that she is all mad and stuff… what are my next steps? I don’t think she’s tooooooo pissed (I mean come on… one over-the-top practical joke… big deal) and I’d really like to see her this weekend for a bunch reasons that aren’t really important. I know traditional logic would be to one-up her and give her a WEEK of silent treatment in return… but that ain’t my style as it kind of seems childish to sink down to that level.