Hey guys,

Just registered but not new here, been reading up and love all the tips and advice.

Here is my story.

I own a juice bar and had a HB walk in for the first time and quickly chatted her up. I got a good vibe from her like she is into me but it could be nothing. She than told me I had gorgeous eyes (ioi maybe?) which I just replied with a thanks.

She came a 2nd time, but it was during a very busy hour and she seemed to be upset I wasn't in the happiest mood since I was rushing to get orders out. Had a small chat with her and she left.

3rd time she came I handed over my phone and told her to put her number. She took my phone and put her number and told me she has a boyfriend but said we can still hang out. As she left she turned around and said my name is X by the way which I told her mine. Didn't call or text that day.

She came the very next day (Friday) and noticed she was really tired and kinda nervous around me. Chatted her up and told her hope she has a good weekend. About 2 hours later I shoot over the first text:

"Looks like you found the best place to get smoothies, hope they are getting you through the lazy day" (it was a real cloudy and gloomy day, also a Friday)

She texted back about 3 minutes later:

":-) I sure did!! It's X(my name) right?"

I then texted her about 3 hours later, I got busy.

"Good real name is X (my real name is hard to pronounce) but you can stick with X (name I first gave her and my nickname) if its too complicated for you lol"

After that I got no reply, and today is Tuesday coming up to Wednesday.

So what you guys think? Did I already mess up? Should I shoot her another text tomorrow? If so, what you think I should say?

Thanks again.