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Thread: Texting game concept

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    Default Texting game concept

    So i decided to try something a lil new yesterday with some of the numbers i closed off okcupid. So far here is the recap from yesterday

    # 2 today

    hot little bright red haired HB9 with tatoos

    me: your bright red is hair farking sweet

    HER: Lol thank you (:Sent from the OkCupid app

    me: Your welcome it got you 3 points on my totally nectar scale. I can take them away at any time however. So whats your deal are you an internet stalker, basket case , boring as hell, or an axe murdered of any sort?

    her: Boring as hell I guess you could say. I just haven't found people worth going out with. I don't drink so I don't go clubbing. I don't sleep around. And I don't smoke.Sent from the OkCupid app

    her: I enjoy bowling going to the movies stuff like that. Haven't found anybody with similar interest.Sent from the OkCupid app

    ME: Ill kick your ass in bowling.
    Under one condition though we have to play with bumpers

    Her: I suck at bowling. And I STILL have gutter balls with bumpers Sent from the OkCupid app

    ME: Are you required to wear helmets in public environments too?

    HEr: No but I'm obligated to kick your ass for that rhetorical question (:Sent from the OkCupid app

    ME: OOOOOOhhh we got a fiesty one. I can admire one who wears big girl panties. Whats your number I pay for a text message n so I may as well use it.

    her: Who says I wear panties?? 205422xxxx Sent from the OkCupid app

    me: hmmm the power of imagination. Luckily I can controll myself

    her: I'm just a smart ass reallySent from the OkCupid app

    So we have been texting since yesterday mostly me teasing her.

    This morning texts

    ME: i just read the wierdest article ever (it was about rats taking taurine having higher testosterone and sperm counts)

    Her: really is it about a girl running around with a helmet on?

    me: no i would just ask you to send me a video

    Her: im brave and going without one today thank you.

    ME: baby steps remember

    Me: what do you for work.

    Her: manager at walmart (i lol'ed so hard)

    ME: Coool

    Her: what do you do?

    ME:i work on the 787 dreamliner and i am responsible for all the LED lighting. I get to work on huge planes and handle million dollar plane parts. pretty sweet gig im living

    her: sounds nifty

    ME: so were going to play a game today

    Her: Yea??!!

    ME: but first what color underwear are you wearing?

    Me: now we can start

    HEr: Peach

    Me: peach what?

    Her: thats the color peach

    ME: granny pannes, thong, Chastity belt?

    Her: boy shorts

    Me :

    Her: lol

    ME: so were playing the mission game or kiss, marry kill

    Her: ok

    ME: were playing both now since your indecisive

    ME: Do you want misssion a or b

    Her: A

    Me: U have 24 hours to complete.

    1. find a picture of a midget in a speedo and send it to me

    2. picture of you eating and ice cream sunday

    3. two of your best pick up lines

    Her: WTF?!

    ME: hahah do it. u Scurred

    her: i dont get scurred oil boy

    Her: *Lil

    About 1 hour later

    Her: " im not telling you this to impress you but i am batman"
    " your body has more curves than a race car track"

    ME: im impressed. only one more to go. I may steal ur batman line and add it my arsenal.

    And oil boy? dam you have a dirty mind

    Basically the reason i chose to play this game was to see her imagination, where it would lead and so forth. So far she seems receptive and is playing along quite well.

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    Default Re: Texting game concept

    Way to lead the convo & keep it fun & playful!
    This was oozing with confidence, & the flirting / gradual sexual escalation is smooth as silk!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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