Whazzup, PUA friends?
The story is kinda long and complicated, so I ask for your patience.Iím gonna use names (fake ones, of course) so the case will be easier to follow.I know this girl, Jess, that is pretty hot.We studied together in high school (we graduated about 3 years ago).As some people there, she felt some friendly affection to me, but we have never been actual friends and nor nothing more.With schoolís end, we didnít keep contact.Some months ago we happened to bump into each other in the subway, and that raised some interest I had in her.Jess, however, is not the desired girl of that story.
I was taking a look at Jessís facebook profile (weíre friends on fb, though we donít communicate) and I noticed she had this pretty girl on her friends list.Me and that girl, letís call her Macy, have 4 common facebook friends (all of them from the old school, and just like Jess, not really freinds of mine).After some basical investigation, I discovered Macy and Jess studied together at the same school I used to attend to, but Macy got out of this same school a way before I got in, thatís the reason Iíve never seen her in real life.
I canít ask Jess to set me up with Macy for two reasons : I have not ( and never had ) intimacy with Jess, and Jess certainly doesnít keep in touch with Macy, so itís up to me to do all the work.

I donít know what I could use as an opening, what is not considered creepy, what I could use as a link between me and her.The problem here is not seducing her once Iíve got a positive reaction from her part : the real challenge is finding a link between us and knowing how to aproach without being creepy.BTW, I know she has a twitter account ( I donít ).
I thought I could send her a message saying ďI saw you on my suggested friends list, noticed we got some common friends.Did you study at (name of the school) ?Cuz I never seen you there!Ē.What do you guys think?If she responds, how could I carry it on?I wanna take it in a very natural way, not using any pre-made line.

Also, I did something somewhat compromising.Some months ago, when I hadnít the slightest hope about anything with Macy, I asked her the following question on formspring (I did it anonimously, obviously) ďI saw you in a friends profile and I think you are gorgeous.What should an internet anonymous do to get a shot with ya? Ē to wich the replied, using that smile tool ďbe interesting?hahahaha Ē.From all Iíve seen of her, she seems to be a very nice girl.I know some of her interests, what will certainly be helpful.So help me guys, Iím needing creative solutions over here.Cheers,