thought you guys might appreciate this as being quite an amusing fark up on my part. so i had a few numbers in my phone from a few nights out and basically i thought that the girl called georgina in my phone was the girl who was in fancy dress as the hulk and it turns out it wasnt her. heres the convo :L

me: hey hulk girl! calmed down and gone back to normal colour yet? x

her: umm...hulk girl? x

me: y'no the green paint, blue shorts ripped tee? (in hindsight should have realised if she was that girl she would not have replied like that.)

her: nope that musta been another girl you pulled that night.

so i havent replied yet because i really dont know what to say, wrote it off as i aint getting no where with this girl.....was funny tho....lesson learnt....label with something other than names on my phone :L

linking x