This girl sent me a really long message after I froze her out for a day and I was totally clueless as to what it meant:

Not every flower can say love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every retard can read, but look at u having a go! Today you should send an encouraging message to a farked up friend, just as I've done. I dont care if u lick windows or fark with farm animals. U hang in there cup cake, you're farking special to me, you're my friend! look at u smiling at ur phone you crayon eating motherfarker!"

SO... THIS THREW ME OFF HUGE. I noticed FRIEND placed a lot in this message and a siren went off in my head. This is obviously a trick to put me in the friend zone, or so I thought.

I immediately gave her sh1t. I told her: You're lucky I'm busy today or I'd come down and make you pay for that. Bad girl, your ass is mine now. Did you think I was going to let that slide?

I'm fairly new to PUA through texting, but I think it worked.
She said: LoL keep dreaming. Ur gonna have to learn to keep up, catch me if you can lol lil gingerbread man.

I was originally going to fire back with something like WHEN I CATCH YOU.... blah blah, but I stepped back and thought NO, how I could make it more alpha.

I came up with this: This gingerbread man isn't little, and he doesn't chase. He sets traps. He's gonna catch you and punish you! Are you worth catching though?

I feel this really has put the attraction back to where I wanted it at.

I just thought I'd throw this in for people to get a laugh at. I feel I'm progressing, and it feels great! That feeling when you'd dhv and you know shes eating it up is amazing feeling.

Thanks to all for the help!