So I feel I'm pretty decent at text game most of the time, but I wanted to get get others opinions on this one.

When you had a great flirty text convo with a girl, whats the best way to restart another convo the next day (or time you talk)?

I know some may say to use something from the previous conversation, but I do enough of that and day after day you the same joking comments can get old to the girl...

Also, i hate to just say "so hows your day going"? (Ok skmetimes, but a bit boring)


Ps: this is in response to a girl i was flirting with yesterday. She must have enjoued it as she texted me way earlier "stop what your doing and think about me for 3 seconds. Your welcome for the best 3 seconds of your day ". (I texted her backshortly after, but now nothing for hours, looking to say something nice as i just know shes sitting there waiting for my text)