I talked to this HB9 after class and got her number.

Things went well until she flaked on the following Sunday. I left her in the dark about details but I don't see how that should merit that sort of thing. She said her wrist was bothering her during work so she just wanted to stay home.

Wednesday arrived. I saw her out of the corner of my eye twice while I was in line for coffee. I looked over after a few seconds and she was gone! I saw her coming around the corner a minute later with some food, then when I looked back she was gone again. Might be avoiding me lol?

In class there was no eye contact. I did message her before class laughing about how I was like an hour early. She responded to my text AFTER class, a pretty lengthy response poking fun at me too so I responded with "Lets meet up for a bit, where are you?". She was cool with that.

We talked for a bit and I made fun of her for skipping out on the date. She works at EB Games, so I said something about how she must've really sold a lot of games that day to wreck her wrist enough to bail on our plans. We hugged good bye.

My next text was left unanswered by her. Today in class no eye contact again. Is this just total disinterest or am I not aggressive enough?

I can't help but think there's some way to ignite this again. After all, getting a number and agreeing to plans meant there WAS attraction initially, right? Shes really nerdy, but really hot too. Maybe she just needs some help coming out of her shell...?