Back in July I posted on here asking about an intern I was trying to get with. Long story short, she had to switch shifts because the interns were going thru rotation, so I texted her pushing to party at my university, she played along with the jokes but was pacing me (I didn't understand the concept of pacing until a month or so after) I was supposed to push up to meet with her that Friday....but got a little too into the party and blacked out twice that day. I shot her a text in the tiny moment of sobriety I had, but I did not push to meet up with her....and I felt so bad after blacking out that I never texted her again.

In a couple of weeks, I will be visiting her university (HUGE party school this time of year) and although it is a long shot, I feel I have to at least try to hit her up and meet with her. THere'll be a zillion other hot girls there, but there is no excuse for not trying, lol. So I'm thinking, I'll send her a text some time this week with some callback humor "Okay, I just tried this for the first time and....blahblah balh," and eventually mention that I'll be partying on her campus and push for a meetup. Any advice?