Quick backstory: Dated this girl for a while and after a long period of NC initiated contact again 4 weeks ago, gamed her over text and thought it went well until tried to set the meet on certain day but was given excuse without counter offer so went Freeze Out until few days ago, again bit banter back and forth. Im in area on Sunday anyway heres text i sent

Me: Quick text while i have a second, In town on Sun for couple of hours, garb a coffeex

HB: Sorry having a spa day Sunday! Your in town a lot?? X

I don't have any plans to try get this girl back (that ship has sailed) but i won't say No to FWB, I actually have been dating HB in her area, My friends sister is her BF so unsure if she knows about other HB.

I thought it would be some practice for Jealousy Plotline to see if it can raise interest level, Any experiment

Post responses you would sent?