Hey guys,

Needing some advice, PUA to PUA

Basically a girl I've been dating for a couple of months has gone cold on me - not initiating texts, sometimes not replying (was never great at it), no sexting/flirting anymore, think there's someone else in the picture (pretty good reason to believe, could be a friend for all I know but hey, we're not exclusive - never mentioned him to me though), asked her out tonight for drinks but got blown off (she suggested next week instead)

Something about this girl makes my game fall apart! Probably because she's first girl im getting hung up on since my ex. I was pretty much in BF territory but now things seem to be going backwards, normally i'd freeze her out and move on but this one is GF material and think more tactful game is needed.

So how would you guys:

A) reply to the text "sorry, can't tonight i'm in Birmingham, next week? x" I was going to reply tomorrow and just say its all cool, and the game you'd play between now and next thurs regarding contact

B) Warm up a girl who is going cold, would a Freeze Out work? (Seems counter intuitive if another guy is in the pic and taking her places - then again not slept great this week so probably not thinking normal )

C) Blow this guy out the pic, luckily im a pretty laid back guy so I've not snapped or gotten needy, fighting my gut instinct to do so.

I'm out this weekend with another girl, quite cute, so it'll be easy to create jealousy via Facebook etc Luckily I need to dress sharp so I should look good in pics.

Extra info: F-closed this girl on the first date (didn't buy her a single drink) and had plenty of sleepovers since so was all good on that front - any advice on slowly ramping up the attraction again would be great! (The friendzone isn't for me) I've been ill for like 2 weeks (not seen her) and killed my sex drive so all seems platonic now with short texts from her, bit of teasing but need to ramp it up (it's weird, like I have a mental block right now).