Hey guys

So this past weekend, I went down to UVA to see some friends/family and get a little practice in at the corner (its like this strip of college bars and drunk food places). I framed the whole thing as one big experiment and it worked pretty well I met a cute blonde the last night I was down. Long story short, I was cocky/funny the entire time and she totally ate it up. I did make some mistakes but we ended up making out and she gave me her number. We texted a bit the next day and I kept up the whole/cocky funny, which seemed like it was working, because she asked for my last name to look me up on facebook (she friended me a few hours later).
Now I don't really play things from here; on the one hand I visit UVA a lot and I'd love to have a hook up buddy down there but on the other hand I'd love to try and score some "less-than-clothed" pictures from her. I guess the pictures and the hook up buddy aren't mutually exclusive but I'm feeling like the pictures are a bit of a long shot and if that blows up in my face I think my chances at a round two are pretty much gone. Any way if any one has any thoughts, I'd appreciate them.


there's definitely no "one-itis" on my end so even way out there ideas are appreciated lol