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    Default Hanging out with girl you met at bar/club

    Whats going on fellas,

    First post here on PUA. Last weekend I met this girl at the bar. HB10. Hands down smokeshow. We only had a few moments together and we were both fairly drunk, exchanged basic greetings and danced fairly outrageously dominating the dance floor. Her group was leaving so she got my number and left.

    I texted her the next day, demonstrated good text game and told her she should meet me out. Isn't going out too busy with dental school work but she had fun last night.

    Wait a day.

    Text her again playfully and find out she works 2 mins from my house (lives about 15). Invited her over after her shift but she declined (fair enough she works in a restaurant and could be a sign she wants to look good when we hang, likely cause shes a 10)

    Anyway, since theres only been 1 exchange and it was a facebook comment which she liked and replied to but we've made no plans to hang out. This girl is very busy with dental school and her job, she only goes out drinking once every other week but I really want to chill with this girl. All I need is one night out with her and it will be over.

    I'm debating no contact for 2 weeks and coming back very strong. Right play?

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    Default Re: Initiate Bar Close to Hangout

    2 Weeks is a little long of a Freeze Out. You could try just not initiating any conversation for a few days, maybe up to a week. Still respond to her, but you could be slightly distant. Her being an HB10 means she's probably used to getting whatever she wants from guys and whoever she wants. Because of this, you need to make her win you over. You're the prize, not her. After a few days of Fluff (and figuring out her schedule a little), ask her out to coffee on one of her easier days. Something that isn't too time committing but where you'll still be able to work on comfort.

    You are the prize. She needs to earn it.

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