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Thread: Was this a sh1t test? Wat happen?

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    Wink Was this a sh1t test? Wat happen?

    So I'm at uni, and in the evening I texted this girl purely (well... I had to pick someone ) for information about some of our module seminars cause for some reason I was missing some info... I had nothing invested in it, my goal, from the beginning, was just to find some stuff out

    To get straight to the point, in part of one of my texts I said "you must have changed your seminar group just for me, awwww (stalker alert)" because she made a mistake in telling her module time earlier, when it was actually the same as mine. In part of the next text she replies "and yeah right... who in there right mind would want to stalk u " <-- is this what you would call a Sh1t Test?

    So im thinking, lol, UNEXPECTED, so reply "im sorry i didnt mean it".. haha just kidding
    I really said "Ouch. Dat burn, I'm impressed, didn't think christian albanians (especially you) had it in them! +1 point"
    Fair enough, kinda turning it around on her, making it seem as if she actually earned some respect (and to be honest, she kinda did)... standard stuff...

    Her reply throws me off a bit and really IS unexpected "Hahaha dude... please expand on what u meant by 'especialy u', And the plus one point sounds interesting, I love a game..." Now it's the second half that really intrigued me. It was 1 AM and all I did was say +1 point and she responds with that? wtf she loves a game... yeah, i'm new to all this PUA stuff btw

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    Default Re: Was this a sh1t test? Wat happen?

    Well with the fact she "loves a game...." she clearly has a playful side. You could use that for a bit of text game fun or probably better is that you could set up a date which has a bit of a challenge to it, something fun but competitive (to an extent), crazy golf, basketball, pool whatever you fancy really.

    As for the part where you asks you to expand on the 'especially you' bit, if you wanted to respond you could always go with a compliment and neg. maybe something like 'you seem too nice to be feisty' ..... This probably isn't the best response but hopefully you get the idea.

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