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    Default Should I LJBF Her & If Not, Where To Go From Here...

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new to the community and started talking to this HB9 Latina at work. The more I learned from reading, watching, studying, the more I tried on her. It's been working and after about 4 months of texting and talking at work, we went on a date last Tuesday. I was alpha, I dhv'd, Kino Escalation, all the things I was supposed to do and it went very well.

    She's an alpha and plays the game very well, keeps her cards very close to her chest. I like that about her and it also heightens the chase but it's also very hard to read her. I'm very positive she's attracted to me but the more I learn, the more I realize I've been making mistakes along the way. I've made things too easy for her and have taken away some of the challenge though not completely.

    She stood me up this weekend. I told her that we were going to a comedy club this weekend and she said she had plans for either Friday or Saturday night but she'd let me know. I told her Sunday works too but never heard back from her.

    I thought of Freezing Her Out but I see her at work everyday...

    How do I re-initiate the challenge without appearing needy/desperate? And if I'm walking away, how do I LJBF her?

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    Default Re: Should I LJBF Her & If Not, Where To Go From Here...

    I wouldn't freeze her out but I would let see and know that I have a life outside of chasing her. You can do more with your buds, also talk to and date other ladies these things will show her that you are not desperate. Actually doing these things will convince her more than just saying them because you said she was alpha so she will know when you are bluffing, and who knows you just may find someone better and enjoy them more than her. Since she knows and play the game hard then it will be a constant challenge for you to escalate things not that its impossible but it will require more time and energy than you may want to invest. Good Luck!

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