[QUOTE]Something along the lines of:
"Awe look. (Name) is trying to get attention by posting sexy pictures on facebook. Well, Im just going to ignore this and not give you the satisfaction ;p"

Still a work in progress, so if you wanna tweak it feel free! Its worked for me. Just make sure you do this to a girl you've gained at least a little attraction and familiarity with. I don't imagine it'd work on a girl who isn't very familiar with you yet.

As long as she knows your face even in the slightest bit it will work in fact. It will definitely get the ball rolling in the right the direction and will spark that interest in you. I have personally done this before with different wordage than what you used but it did work I went from fb to texting to setting up a date and f closed the girl. Don't be scared to neg a girl whether you know her well or not. Do it and chances are she wont delete you worst case scenario you don't get a response. It is always worth a shot and there is plenty of HB on FB to hit up if one doesn't work out.