I've been seeing this girl, we already met a few times going out and kissed on a few occasions, however whenever I text her to hang out she flakes at the very last moment.

First time she flakes because of school (sounded very fishy), didn't speak to her for 2 days and then she asks for a new date. Next date she's sick (which I think actually was true), but I saw her later that night when going out. I ignored her and she apologized the next day). We met up at a pool party instead, which went great (we hung out together for the better part of the evening).

After this it went downhill, we met up when going out again, but this failed horribly because my wingman couldn't distract her friend, got a text when I got home though: "hey hotty , sleep well! xx"

Tried for a 3rd date later, she obviously flaked (hey I didn't know it was going through so I made other plans, blabla), after that she was a bit distant. My text game is horrible so that might be the cause, but because of exams we won't be able to meet up for at least 2 weeks, and I'm not sure if I can keep it interesting that long. I thought about freezing it untill the week after exams (when we have vacation) and then texting something along the lines "hey! ready to party for a week straight!?"

Any help?