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If you can phrase it the right way where she doesn't misinterpret you, then yeah, you can always let her know the scoop.

BUT... even your suggested explanation still sounds like it could get "lost in translation".
She might take THAT reply as you confirming your first post, as her being unstable....
(Kinda like rubbing her nose in it.)

I'd go with something like,

"Ok... I didn't phrase that very well the first time I posted, & I think you may have misunderstood me. (And by the way, that's MY fault for using the wrong words.)
What I actually meant was; I'm looking for that one, special girl that I can have stability in my life & relationship with... and I kinda might have you in mind to be THAT girl. "

Make sure that your actual meaning is very clear, so as not to add to the confusion.
wow thanks man. How long should I wait before texting her this ?? or should I just go ahead and do it now ??