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    Default Re: handling text sh1t test- advice?

    She definitely seems like a busy girl. & I know some of them work as much as possible because they really do need the money.
    So it may not be so much as "flaky" as it is "survival".

    I'd just keep the connection going & stay in contact, without overdoing it & driving her crazy. (Just pay attention The Vibe of the interaction... you should be able to tell if she's still being receptive or not.)

    But sometimes it takes a little more patience & persistence with some girls. So that might be the case with her.

    Still, I know the frustration with the constant plans in limbo... It DOES help when you've got several girls you're gaming at the same time, because you're too busy chatting with all of them; so if one gets a bit flaky, there are others to fill in the gaps.

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    Default Re: handling text sh1t test- advice?

    Ya, you're right about the multiple girls. I actually have that going right now, but only with two. I could call the other one up for plans to, but I am so focused on this one because she is definatly a 10 in my book.

    So I'll try to be more patient and see where it goes. Refrain from calling her out on the flakyness I'm assuming at this point?

    But what would give me the best chance of getting her out tomorrow. As far as what should my next interaction with her be? I was thinking of texting later on one text saying "hey, so tomorrow you could either come down by me after you get done with work, or if it gets later I can come pick you up from your house for a bit" (just kind of assuming the interaction again) And see how she responds (or dosn't)

    Good idea or bad?

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