So here's the whole thing, just looking for pointers on where i can improve or any ideas on how to take it further,

I was wicked drunk one night and i Facebook chatted this girl that i went to high school with 4 years ago. Surprisingly enough she responded to my drunken message. After a few messages back and forth i told her "i'm going to be heading out to umass amherst saturday you should hit me up if you aren't being a bum"

she gave me her number with out me asking and this is how things have gone so far. In her last FB message she told me to text her so she can save my number...

ME: Hey staying busy :P (she had mentioned she had been really busy all week)

HER: Paul? (fake name, you guys dont need my real one)

ME: Good guess

HER: Haha so is your friend who goes here from Bedford? ( we are from the same town, i mentioned i was going out to visit a friend)

ME: ope, he's from wilmington. Which part of campus you living, don't say sylvan cause that would suck haha

HER: Well that's where I'm at sooo haha

ME: Haha is that by choice?

HER: Yup it's close to my classes, it's close to a lot of the off campus housing and it forces me to excerise lol I'm in a single which is also nice

ME: Woah a woman with a plan... you know most girls i know hate living alone, i think its silly though

HER: Really? I guess i've never paid attention to that before, it probably just depends on personality types

ME: What is your personality type? You seem like a doer... you are goal focused and plan ahead but know how to enjoy yourself

HER: I'm a social introvert lol

HER: I meant more like introverted and extrovert

ME: I'm the same way, i need my personal space and privacy but at the same time I love to go out and meet new people

ME: Do you have any good costume ideas, not sure what to be haha

HER: Umm idk I usually go all out but I've been busy w school I haven
't thought of costumes that much. I'm looking forward to see if anyone dresses up as the gangam style guy tho

ME: Just make sure you come up with something creative, not the lame usual ones

ME: Have to go take midterm now, wish me luck

HER: Yeah well see, I've got a lot og word to do this week. Good Luck!

So that's as far as i took it. i decided it would be better to end it while things were still good (didnt really have a midterm). The girl is cool and probably an HB8 and if i have a few beers shell be a HB10 easy... I am going to her college for halloween. I am visiting my friend and asked her if she wanted to come go out with us and she said she would love yo (this was on facebook). Any pointers on when i should text her again, when/how should i text her the night of? I think once we start hanging out things will be fine, i just dont want to EFF things up this early one, shes a wicked cool chick.