So there's a girl I've known for years. We've texted back and fourth for just as long. A lot of it has just been friends, but every once and a while we would get flirtatious and she would talk about her feelings for me(they have been pretty strong) but for whatever reason, boyfriend, family problems, ect, we just never quite made it.

Here I am now in college and she is about an hour away, her relationship status is single and I had pretty much given up hope on anything ever happening with her. I really didn't even like talking to her that much because she did give me a lot of bad memories.

We start talking and things get a little flirtatious. I'm used to the way this works and I figured she'd stop soon enough so I decided to push a little further so she would turn back and I could remember why I didn't talk to her. Here is what followed:

Me: "At any rate I could have brought it if I was home"

"When can I borrow you so I can bring it?"

Her: "When are you going to be back in (my home town)

Me: "Few weeks, it depends"

"Whydoyawannakno w?"

Her: "Because that's when you can borrow me!"

I don't really know what to think because she has flip flopped on me more than once. I know it's stupid to dwell on one girl, but I really do like this girl.

The next couple days I sort of screwed it up though, I sent way too many text messages. Today I tried to bring up that conversation, but she never responded and I'm just sitting here with...way to many messages sent.

So if this is a salvageable thing and it seems like I have a chance, what should I do. What are some things I can do to make her more interested in me?

Some additional notes. I know she thinks I'm good looking, she's told me more than once. She is kind of crazy, which I know complicates things.