Bare with me this is really long. But if you can get through this it would be much appreciated!

Sorry I'm a noob on this site. What's the term for when a girl doesn't give an alternative answer if she says she can't do something or says maybe.

I just met this HB8 a week ago on instagram of all places. Transferred it to KIK because I run an account that people want to get featured on. We find stuff in common and she's pretty upfront about everything. I used the 20 questions to getting a girl wet over KIK. Getting her pretty wet and basically led to me sending her pictures. (I was extremely wasted...) Anyways, here's how the convo went afterwards. I had enough IOIs that she would be DTF. But there's a kicker at the end of this convo.

ME: If I was with you right now would you hook up with me?
HB: Why would I lie?
HB: I'm a pretty sexually frustrated gal.. Thinking about these things is a normal thing for me... Maybe not as detailed or specific though
ME: Skype? haha
HB: My laptop is dead....And the charger is at my dads...
HB: fark...
HB: :/
ME: what about on your phone?
HB: I don't have Skype on my phone. But honestly at this point I'm still making excuses.. BEcause as tempting and as amazing all that sounds, I have a boyfriend....
ME: (Sent picture simultaneously as previous message of my in the shower covering junk)
HB Oh my....That is...farking hot....sh1t.... -.-
HB: This is....Hard...
ME: I'm too horny
HB: It's my fault..I'm sorry
ME: One pic?
HB: Trust me, I'm not appealing in that sense anyhow...I'm sorry I can't...But if it's any consolation, I'm legitimately thinking about having sex with you right now....
ME: This is so uncharacteristic of me
HB: Damn, I'm sorry. But at least you know you're farking hot. And because of those pictures I have really reference for dreaming/daydreaming about it
HB: Which will happen
Me: Sorry for putting that in your head
HB: No you're not (:
HB: I'm not..

I got her to send a picture of herself in her panties as a consolation.

Fast forward 2 days later I texted her and asked if she was serious when she said she was DTF but now it's different because she knows she still has a boyfriend. But she still said yes and was like "why would I lie?"

Is she playing a game? She wants to get to know me better, but I don't really want a friend, I just want to hook up with her. She only lives like 30 minutes away and I work in her city.

So then I thought of a reason to meet her in person. The convo went like this..

ME: Hey I'm gonna be in (her city) on Thursday day/night, I gotta do a bunch of errands up there after work but I have to get a new suit at the mall for my brother's wedding reception. You can tag along and give me your opinion.
HB: haha maybe
HB: I might be in the city (probably meeting up with her bf at his college)
ME: Sounds good I'll be up in (her city) by 3 after I get off work so if you're keen that's great.
HB: Okay
ME:Ok sweet see you Thursday!

What do you guys think???? Also KIK has a stalkerish thing where it says if your message was delivered and received. It says she received my last message with no response, which I was assuming would happen.

Should I text her to get some spark back into it? It's been a week since she received my pictures. Or just wait it out and hit her up tomorrow after work?