I got messaged by a girl on pof a couple days ago 'hey hun how are ya?' Lol, that line would be a tossup coming from a dude.

Well I'm sure the occassional messages are sent to y'all by other women right, mostly who turn out to be like hb5 at best when u see their page? Ha.

This one girl, let's call her Amy, looks rather attractive.. even though her profile pic is black and white, which makes me wonder, but good facial tone id say lol.

Anyways its cool feels like the ball is in my court, she even suggested we trade numbers and text, after like the 3rd message- we didn't really talk about anything or create rapport either way. I haven't messaged her yet on text, cuz I'm kinda lookin at the situation lol. I am the object here right? Not the other way around, so I want to keep thinking that wat and not act cocky or dhv much since I already have attraction. I want to play it like a 'cool' girl would play me.

I just like the idea sometimes. I'm think I'm gonna start with humor and short messages, see what I can do the least of to keep her hooked lol, or what can she do to keep me hooked? Hmm.

Well just thinkin out loud here, not really asking for advice but any opinions would be nice fellas!

Game on