Hey everyone,

I have met a nice girl (HB6-7) at a party last week and she kinda meet my requirements. I think she likes me too. We have exchanged our contact details, added each other on facebook and even sent a couple emails. So, we agreed to meet again when I come back from vacation.

From what I have seen so far, she could be a keeper, so I wouldn't want to fuck this up.

As I am just starting out in PUA, I might as well ask you a few questions:

1) Given that I don't like to f*close from day 1 (I would even lose all respect for the girl if she accepted), how long should I wait until I build sexual Tension? For some reason, I had always thought that I had to meet/date a girl several times (between 5 and 10) before I make my move. After reading PUA material, I realize that I have to act fast. But how fast? I have a big problem with timing: sometimes, I make a move too early and other times I come too late (and end up in the Friendzone).

2) Following my first question, when should I start using more intimate Kino (like starting caressing her or going for a kiss)? Ever since I started reading PUA, I have been observing the successful guys and I have noticed that they slightly touch their "prey" whenever the latter laugh at one of their joke and agree to something the guy just said. Since I can't
tell how much this works (sometimes yes, sometimes no), I am kinda relunctant to use this technique (I admit that I am afraid to look like a pervert/freak). Again, I guess, kino is a matter of timing.

3) Should I use push and pull tactics (like making a compliment and then withdrawing by acting indifferent or looking at other girls)? I have read about these tactics and they sound very effective. Emotional as they are, women are quite sensitive to these tricks.

4) Any specific advice you guys could give me? The girl in question is kinda reserved and quite modest (well, at least, she's no bitch as far as I can tell). At the party, she neither danced nor drank too much.

I will post back if I come up with more questions.
Thanks in advance, mates!