Ok so I met this girl through a friend of mine. My friend lives out of state and she went to school out of state before moving back to where I live (this past August). We hit it off a little bit and I noticed she was lonely when we were at the bar with my other friend. End of the night, she asks me for my number and I gladly give it to her and text her "hey this is Steven, if you ever need a tour of Portland and a friend don't be shy <---something along those lines.. doesn't matter. She immediately replies saying it was great to meet you etc.

Fast forward, I ask her on a date the following week, we go out and get drinks, make small talk, nothing big, just feel each other out and she tells me she asked my friend Evan if I was "good" to date. My friend of course gave her the green light... no K-close, just hugged at the end of the night, I find out she is going to Peru for 6 weeks so I decide to leave it as is because that is a long time and I'm not sure if she has communication when she is there...

6 weeks go by, she does have communication, hit her up once after like 3 weeks go by just checking in on how her stuff is going. She had been liking a couple of my FB photos and such I noticed (hence why I decided to message her)...

Then she posts on her FB wall "flying home tomorrow, need a ride, will buy the juiciest American dinner I can find." <--- I'm thinking I got this...of course about 7 people reply back hitting her up saying they will drop what they are doing and pick her up. Instead of posting on her wall I just send her a message through FB that I can give her a ride if she needs it.. she replies back enthusiastically YES! etc, etc.

I pick her up, she chats and luckily I have a dentists appointment right after I drop her off so I tell her lets meet up later for drinks.

ME: "Hello Alpaca (nickname for her), I have time to kick it at 8:01pm, meet at my house."

HB9: "Haha, I must say mr. ******* Portland, as you are called in my contact list, that you are quite cute... But don't let that go to your head my roommate and I are grabbing dinner and catching up so I can be there at 8:01, Peruvian time

ME: "10:01 it is chica"

HB9: "Hahaha "

* she told me a story that she got mugged in Peru but luckily didn't have money on her or get hurt... so I decided to play off this a bit

ME: "You bring the camera I'll bring the pistol, and we can relive the Peru experience"

HB9: "haha who's gonna make the black mask??"

ME: "Teamwork makes the dream work."

then later she comes over and we go out for a drink, play some jenga while she chats and I am listening... run the cube test on her, goes well.. take her back to my house, take my dog out for a walk to the park (it's slightly raining out and around 11pm).. hit up the playground, go on the swings <-- she owed me a swing session since she lost in jenga, so she had to push me on the swing

walk back to the house... at this point I know I have to at least advance physically, so I hold out my hand and she obliges, get to my house and we chill on the couch, light up the fire place... and we K close, as I do this she tells me "your making this hard for me to leave"... *this is where I fark up I think*** I kiss her for just a few minutes then say alright I gotta get some work done (I really did have some shiz due before tomorrows class) and walk her to the car and kiss her goodnight...

Now I am in the phase of setting up the 3rd date... that last date was 2-1/2 weeks ago, she went back to Idaho where her ex boyfriend is and all her friends to finish up a project, stayed there for a week (she got out of a relationship about the same time I did mid July)... so I didn't hit her back until she was driving back this past Friday.. I decided to call instead, she picked up and was enthusiastic about doing something this week like going on the bike ride we spoke about. I said yeah depending on weather for sure. So fast forward to Monday, I call her to say I have free time tonight if you want to hang out, hit me back" <-- left voicemail no response, wait until today to text her this time...

*she said the only thing she has going on this week is looking for a job

ME: "***, seems your super busy right now on that job hunt, totally understandable. I'll leave the ball in your court -- let me know when your schedule clears up a bit and you can do dinner/drinks/or that bike ride. Hope we hang out!"

she replied back within about 1 minute
HB9: "Ah! Steven I'm so sorry I've been meaning to call. Yeah the job thing is taking up all hours of the day, I'm not someone who really enjoys sitting around without a purpose in my day. But I'll let you know when I'm close to getting some solid free time! Happy halloweeeeeeeen.... haha"

So that is where I stand currently.. I know I've rambled, but I want to give you the best picture I can as to how this situation has evolved, if nothing more than for educational purposes for others on the dating evolution phase.

Curious on everyone's thoughts with how I've handled the situation thus far, areas where I could improve, and thoughts on how you think she feels? Your play from here...?