Hello everyone. My name is Jay and I have been using cocky funny by David Angelo which is who I learned from back in 2006. I have been talking to this girl I worked with for a couple weeks through text. I haven't hung out with her because everyone knows I'm married (now separated). I am going to present to you a snippet of a text conversation I had with her where Cocky Funny was used along with some negs. I will change the user names from our texts to protect both of us. This is a Hot Red head 9/10

3:51pm, Oct 25 - Me: Y u always look back when u turn the corner? Tryin to catch someone? Haha
3:58pm, Oct 25 - Her: Cuz i feel u all watching me lol. I always catch sum1
4:04pm, Oct 25 - Me: That's cuz were trying to figure out how tall u r without them heels lol
4:07pm, Oct 25 - Her: Sure
4:09pm, Oct 25 - Me: Haha see u tomorrow
4:10pm, Oct 25 - Her: Or maybe yall lookn at that ass lol. See ya
4:11pm, Oct 25 - Me: I'm lookin. Reminds me of froto baggins :-p
4:13pm, Oct 25 - Her: Lmao. Hows that?
4:14pm, Oct 25 - Me: Doesn't seem real
4:16pm, Oct 25 - Her: O u think my ass us fake? Lol. If i got a fake ass id get it bigger then this
4:21pm, Oct 25 - Me: Bigger huh?
4:22pm, Oct 25 - Her: Yup
4:22pm, Oct 25 - Me: Guess lookin like shreck is better than froto hahaha
4:24pm, Oct 25 - Her: Lol..im playin i like my ass how it is
4:25pm, Oct 25 - Me: Lol, Jay 3, Her 0
4:25pm, Oct 25 - Me: See ur ass tomorrow
4:27pm, Oct 25 - Her: U r silly. Have a gn w the wife. Tell her me n my ass say hi lol
4:28pm, Oct 25 - Me: U 2 :-p
4:29pm, Oct 25 - Her: Will do ;-)

I felt this was a successful text convo because the next day she asked ME out.