It's been a while and I'm just starting to date again. I got this real cute 8 with a rockin body showing some hard interest on okcupid. I live on long Island and we were hit pretty hard by the hurricane. I've never been a fan of posting convos on here for fear of being backtracked so I'll probably wipe it out after I get some tips but here's our conversation thus far:

Yo. That's all you get​
Yesterday 4:34pm

um ok? lol and all u get is ...
Yesterday 7:35pm

That's all I wanted so I win​
Yesterday 7:55pm

im guessin u have a very unique sense of humor..
Yesterday 7:56pm

Yesterday 7:57pm

Yesterday 8:41pm

I'm guessing you have no sense of humor.. Are those pretty eyes the only thing you've got going for you? ​
Yesterday 8:49pm

nahh i got way more humor than you, and it makes ALOT more sense than yours hahaha real talk you just gotta get to know me. but thank u for tellin me i got pretty eyes i like that
Yesterday 8:52pm

Well maybe I will be soooo lucky to have the oppertunity to do just that. I'm leaving for home, homegirl. No power, bye ​
Yesterday 8:59pm

no doubt just message me whenever (:
Yesterday 9:07pm

Just a little background on myself, *It's tough for me to make connections but when I do they are very strong. That's why I've always been one for relationships instead of dating around and ONS. I think this time around I would like something a little less serious, but still a relationship nonetheless.
My profile states that "I ended a relationship about 6 mo ago and I'm not really interested in rushing into anything serious. If the right thing comes along that's cool but shit's gonna be taken real slow."

I realize this might be incongruent with the "slow" part but I was going to write her:*

"I havent been out to eat in a while and it's one of my favorite things to do. After this whole thing blows over and gasoline isn't so scarce, I'm gonna take you out to a real nice resturaunt. What kind of food do you like and what's your number"

Right now there are gas shortages across the island and I don't want to risk driving the 15 minutes to see her.

*She's clearly showing interest at this point so I don't know if I should keep gaming or of its cool to shoot this one off.*A little too strong or fire away?