Ok here is the story that is lengthy. So there is this girl that I had gone out on a couple of dates with about a year ago, and then she went cold. So after about a week of hardly any contact I ask her if she still wants to hang out and she says she just wants to be friends. This hurt because I really liked her, but I cut out pretty much all contact and If I saw her out I would rarely speak to her. Well fast forward about a year later and she text me at a ball game and tells me I just walked by her and that it would be good to see me. So at the next ball game a week later I bite and go and talk to her. Everything went great and she seemed thrilled to talk to me. So for the next three weeks I see her once a week at the game and we talk everything is going well. During this time she is texting me often about random stuff just to start conversations and see what Iím doing. So I finally ask her out and she says yes to a Saturday night dinner. About three days before the date an event she thought was the following Saturday was on the night we were to go out, so there went that, but she wanted to change the date and even go out Saturday for lunch. I told her I couldnít so we ended up going out three nights later to eat. It went well and when I took her home that evening though she said she needed to do some studying, she sat in my truck and we talked for about an hour. She showed all the signs of being very interested from playing with her hair while talking to me to having a good eye contact. I feel everything is going great but then she shuts down on me. She doesnít start text conversations any more but will answer pretty quickly but sometimes with little substance, but some with long answers. I call her on one of the game days that I couldnít make it to, because I knew she would be there. I was going to ask her out for a different night but I get voice mail and just tell her I was going to see how her day went and if she could keep me updated on the game and call me back when she gets a chance. She never called me back but did text the score of the game three times that night. The last game I went to I didnt go and talk to her, I guess just the guy in me trying not to seem needy, but Im pretty sure I did see her looking in my direction a couple of times while she was talking to some other guy and when she saw me noticing her looking in my direction she looked away I really donít know what to do. Its been almost a week since our last text or phone call conversation. I think she could be playing hard to get but donít really know how to handle the situation. Any ideas of what this girl is doing besides driving me crazy and what I should do? Cut out all contact or still try to talk to her?