So after weeks of nothing and giving up on online crap a mate recently directed me to this site and I found a link to that Bravo PUA video. Instant results with the new profile and I'm getting about a 95% reply rate on cold messages haha, can't argue with those sort of results.

Now I'm sticking on keeping the convo interesting and steering it in a suggestive direction without coming off like a creepy s.o.b.

Here's a series of messages I'm kinda stuck on now, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Me: Damn you look familiar... You didn't go to Sunbury VU playing drums a few years back did you?

Her: You no you look a bit familiar too... lol I did go to sunbury vu but not for music haha

Me: Ah you missed out then, we could have met years ago :P

Her: Haha could have!

Her: What do u do now

Me: I'm doing an engineering course, already on break hah and doing shift work as a disposable lighter repairman. What about you, how do you keep yourself occupied?

Her: I'm a nurse. I work in a psychiatric ward.

Me: A nurse? On a scale of 1 to 10 how sexy is the uniform?

Her: Well my everyday one is whatever I want... Lol my after hours one is pretty sexy hahsh

Me: Is that so Maddy, I might have to see for myself seeing as you didn't indulge me in a scale number. I'm a simple guy, if I can't see it I need these things simplified down for me :P

Her: Haha