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Thread: Text escalation to lose lmr

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    Default Text escalation to lose lmr

    So ive got this HB7 we'll call blue balls girl...every time i see her we get to right before clothes coming off and LMR stops me. Im in the army stationed a ways away, going home in 2 mo. How can i escalate text convo to 'lubricate the path' till i get home, and when home how can i stop lmr when i get there? I have a feeling the lmr has to do with that i'll just be leaving again and she knows nothing relationship wise will come of it. Specific ideas are appreciated! Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Text escalation to lose lmr

    Any problems with LMR usually lie in comfort phase. So you may be right about her knowing you're leaving soon so she doesn't want to. So there's only one solution. You have to marry her.

    Lol no in all seriousness, she needs some way to know she is special to you. Find something unique about her and let her know you haven't met anyone like her before. If that doesn't help then she is a good woman and you might as well marry her haha.
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