The background of this text is that we almost hooked up a couple weeks ago. I asked her out before but she said she was busy that night(she had a legit excuse). Anyways I wait a week or two(since there was a hurricane) and have the following conversation.
*Havent talked to this girl in couple of weeks
*Are you still alive?
*Yessir, why wouldn’t I be?
*Well I haven’t heard from you lately…figured something really really really serious must have happended :P
*No I just didn’t really text anyone with not having power and sh1t
*No excuses.. you should have waited in line for gas and drive to PA during the storm to text me…
*You are very sharp at detecting sarcasm through texts…Did you think I was serious? Loll
*Yes I was so confused.
*Hahaa wow. You must think im some average chump if you think I was being serious lol.
*Ahh haha your like so right, I think you kinda douche cause I don’t know your being sarcastic
*Or maybe im just very sarcastic AND a douche :P.
*You could be..
*You haven’t invited me out with you im kind upset
*Im going out to New Rock on Thur at 1030. You should come alone… you can findout if im a douche or not :P.
*I have plans already so I guess Ill have to find out another time.
What do you guys think? Was she interested at all? Feel free to critique the hell out of me. I didn't think I had any chance with her so just said whatever I wanted.