Hey fellas,

I actually wanna learn about texting. Hence, I'm gonna field report how I text. If any of you could give advises that did be great.


A little BG -- I asked her out last sunday 4th of Nov. She fucking stalled for the whole week. I told her I will call her after 2 days on 6th Nivv. Which I didnt.

Using LINE IM.

On 7th Nov I sent her this message

7:47 pm Me -- Today I had a very good day.
ME -- A dog ran after me.
ME -- So I ran alot. I had good exercise. ^^

NO RESPONSE. She did not even read it. (LINE has a system that shows if the receiver has opened the message or not)

8th Nov (She still did not open message in morning too)

12:46 PM SHE -- (sends me sticker of laughing at me)
12:49 PM ME -- (send her sticker of me kicking her in the face)
12:51 PM ME -- I will bring that dog in front of your house.
1:06 PM SHE -- (she sends me sticker of a girl with mouth closed doing and as if dodging something)
1:15 PM ME -- haha. I think you are afraid for street dogs.
1:40 PM SHE -- hahahaha.

I did not respond. But I will call her today this evening.


1) Why the fuck did she laugh? I see girls laughs alot via text for no fucking reason. I personally did not find it funny. Girls are that crazy eh. Or was it a "pity laugh"? hahaha

I will continue to update this thread.