Hey guys it E-Frisco,

Just wanted your guys' input/advice on this cute asian girl in my class. I'll try and be as descriptive as possible. So I previously had a class with this girl last yr, shes pretty cute with a nice little body, we really didn't talk much but I occasionally caught her giving me obvious ioi's. Anyways, this yr I have another class with her so during the first days of class I sat next to her and said "let's be class buddies". She happily accepted. We were assigned to a group projected together and I automatically assumed leadership. Everytime we would meet to work on the project I was very dominate, fun, and would flirt with her a little. During lectures she continuously fixes her hair while we sit next to each other, fixes her clothes especially around her bra area, gives me positive body language alot (crossed leg toward me), and we've gotten comfortable with light Kino (hand/arm touching, sometimes face). Here's the thing, she CONSTANTLY tests me verbally. She'll call me names like "stupidface" "idoit" and "dumb" when im being silly. I dont buy into her frame and get mad or upset, my response is usually something witty or I don't even say anything at all (unreactive) [is this good]? Even when I say a little thing, she tries to make it sound like I don't know what im talking about. I do tease/neg her alot though so maybe I'm just asking for it but really whats with all the verbal abuse? Today i said "me and you aren't going to get along bcause we're always going to fight.. and ill always win" ..she loved it! I tried qualifying her a couple times like "cool people are rare these days, so what do u do for fun?" She said "nothing, im boring". She does have a boyfriend tho, during class shes always on her phone and when i look over shes txting him (maybe the IOI's are for him ) BUT she only mentioned him once and that was when I asked her if she was seeing anyone.. Actually she mentioned him again today but idk if she just said that to test my reaction. I wanna f-close her, theres def sexual chemistry. I was thinking of testing her boundaries physically..
Thoughts? Maybe some help on qualifying, like whens the best time? Ways to lower her Bitch Shield or tone down the tests?
Also ive never been good at escalation so mayb some tips?
Thanks guys, I REALLY do appreciate any feedback.