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Thread: She's responding to my texts but ignoring my asking her to hang out?

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    Default She's responding to my texts but ignoring my asking her to hang out?

    Little background info:

    Cute girl, 7/10, is a best friend of one of my male best friends (friendzoned). The three of us got very drunk a couple weekends ago and she and I ended having sex. My friend disapproved and I felt pretty guilty but I like the girl and she obviously liked me so we cautiously continued communicating. Since then, she has been very flirtatious, asked me to hang out a couple times, told me I'm cute for various reasons, continuously tweets romantic I-really-like-somebody messages, texts me a lot, etc. I've built very solid rapport (we have a ton of inside jokes and common interests and we joke around sexually pretty often).

    So I hang out with her two days ago (she asked me this time, so she's asked me to hang out once more than I've asked her so far for a total of 3 hangouts) and it seems to go pretty well. Being very concerned about not having my friend's blessing, I kept our interactions short of kissing even though I was getting a million IOIs. So the furthest we go is lying in her bed (she's in a dorm and has roommates so no opportunity for hanky panky) resting against each other, playing with each other's hair, playfully touching each other's faces, she calls me cute, etc. I tell her that the whole secrecy aspect of our hanging out is uncomfortable to which she agrees, and that I will clear it up with my friend the next day, to which she also responds positively. She texts me after I get home that "I really love lying in bed and talking to you and good luck with your guys' talk".

    I talk to my bro about it, get his okay, and I figure everything is golden. Unfortunately I've run into a hiccup. So our most recent exchange has gone like this:

    [talking about our busy schedules today]

    Her: Aw man, I bet you're really tired. Well at least tomorrow you can rest to heart's content [sh1tload of iphone emoji smilies] And sh1t, I got a D on my last anthro midterm

    Me: Hahaha you always crack me up with those iphone smilies. You getting all excited [when we hung out] explaining them to me was way too cute. And don't even sweat it, a D is totally recoverable. I got a D on my first chem midterm last quarter and I pulled an A in the class so I'm sure you could pull the same comeback. Also, let's finally figure out a time to teach you guitar! [she'd been asking me to teach for a few weeks] How's your long weekend looking?

    Her: Blehh, I'm not too worried I just thought I'd done better on it. Oh that's right it's a 4 day weekend!!! Oh you know, the usual, lots of getting high and booze <3

    Me: Excellent, then how about we set aside some time on Saturday around 4 to get real musical? And right on, nothin worse than dwelling on a test score during a long break.

    Her: Haha yeah you're right. How's your studying coming along?


    So yeah, she very blatantly and uncharacteristically ignored the invitation to hang out. I don't think I was too flirtatious as I've definitely been a lot more flirty in past communications with her, so I can't imagine that weirded her out. Where'd I go wrong with this? I've already f-closed her so I figured this wouldn't be difficult, especially since I've gotten my friend's blessing.

    And what should I do next? Should I neg her out for selectively ignoring a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from her friendly neighborhood guitar master? Or should I freeze her out?

    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: She's responding to my texts but ignoring my asking her to hang out?

    Please tell me u play rock or metal? Because thats what guitar was made for lol!

    Personally, i wouldnt sweat it. She may just have been busy. Or possibly she's one of those flighty girls who only has fun when under the influence.

    Since u fclosed... u have power. Dont start getting clingy and needy. U feel closer to her (which is fine) but go out and hang with other girls who want to learn guitar. U must get on with your life a bit in order not to get clingy.

    It seens like your sexual urges are under control, which is good (she may think you only want sex from her if ur not in control).

    Just leave her alone for awhile. If u see her in class or whatever, be friendly and cool. Talk a little... mention teaching guitar to others (but let it come up naturally). Eventually, SHE will bring up hanging out. Tell her u will hang out but that u will let her know. And text her the next day telling her u were thinkig of doing blah blah and u want her to come.
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