i can't say ive really used facebook as much of a flirting, get dates tool.

theres this teacher i used to work with (i teach english in colombia). she's super cute, but has the goody goody thing going, the thought of her having a wild side really turns me on, and I wanna try to bring that out. not sure if she would actually ever do anything with me, but what's the harm in trying, right?

anyway I saw another former teacher from the school and I mentioned how I always had the hots for this one and told her to tell her that when she decides to be bad she should let me know. the other teacher told me she kind of blushed and said something like I should talk to him. so I sent her a message on facebook that said something along the lines of I was talking about you the other day with ........ we should hang out. she responded good to hear from you (in spanish it was good to know about you) in all caps.

how do i go about escalating this? especially penetrating her miss catholic, good girl presentation?