So my buddy invites me out and I didn't ask where I just went with him. He had friends over at this bar/country dance place. First thing I don't do the country dancing thing and I am not too comfortable with it. After tonight though, learned it is sooo easy to get girls like this, need to take up lessons.

Anyways, this girl walks in alone, walks around and sits alone. Couple of guys come up to her and she easily gets up and dances with them but it doesn't last more than 2 minutes and she walks off from them.

So she is back sitting alone, and I decide to go in for the number. I sit next to her and ask her name blah blah and tell her I don't dance, but lets go out sometime. She says OK, gives me her number, and insists on dancing and I tell her I got to go and maybe she can teach me next time. She typed her full name and I typed my full name as well as I am sure she will hit up my facebook, figured she could see I got a lot going on just from my facebook.

Any advice on a good opening text from the scenario? Also if you were in my situation how long would you wait to text?

Thanks guys.