hey new here been helpfull reading around so far. been working on a new about me / story box for myself would like some feed back

Plan for domination
1. Finish baking apprenticeship
2. Start own business
3. Do some Gaming play some pool go out watch the rugby something fun or new
4. Make money! Kind of a must for world domination
5. Expand bakery worldwide have to go back to japan so much fun there
6. Relax at home or out with family, mates can’t be on the go all the time
7. Find person for queen got to have someone to rule with and share all the fun times with, you know all that enslaving and movie watching on the couch and such
8. Figure out what to dose bread with
9. Take a day off to think about what a nice trustworthy loyal fun guy I am and work out that cliché megalomaniac rant I’ll have to make outlining my evil plan that’ll inevitably lead to my downfall
WAIT DOH!!!! I skipped 1-8 and went straight to 9 now everyone knows my evil plans oh well I guess I can still do 7 and maybe 3 and 6.
Talk to you soon.
Evil baker