Well i was rather bored at work this morning an ive been having some light convo with a girl id been out with on afew dates with, i thought it was blown out of the water untill she started to show interest again.

Anyway i was bored at work on my break so thought im gona see if i can use some of the techniques and tips ive read on here and if i can pull them off. Just did it to have some fun and build up some convo before i "ask" this girl out.

Me: Its a lovely day outside, im on my break. If you can provide me with some entertianment and do it well, ill give you some of my *insert sweet treat here*.
Her: well i have no crack to entertain you and i dont like *insert sweet treat*. Im at the mall with my mam. what time you at work till? x
Me: well thats no good you failed miserably to entertain me that just isnt on . Ahh at the mall again youd think you didnt have a job :P. (shes a student). I finish at 4 x

afew hours later:

Her: well that was a fun day with my mam. You finished now, you done much today?
Me: (stole this from T-mal) well today i aimed to learn chinese, build a time machine and chill. Seeing as time was against me i just chilled haha. Get anything nice at the mall?
Her: just got bits and bobs really, shirt, tights, nail polish, blazer, etc etc. ohhhhh sounds like a fun day haha! x
me: Did well on your shop didnt you. Oh it was fun. tomorrow i plan to make naan breads haha. Have fun at kickboxing karate kid?

Havnt got a reply to that. Just looking for positive/negative advice. I was hoping to take this girl out tomorrow how should i go about it. Should i text tomorrow during the day or not text at all and wait untill next week.

Im doing movember atm but it gets shaved off on saturday due to other commitments so atm i have a tash. i was gona send this if people think its the right time without looking needy.

"hey were going out tonight becuase its the lass time youll get to see me sporting my lovely tash , Ill pick you up at 7:28"

Also just noticed shes viewed my POF profile haha i havnt clicked on hers could i use this as a neg somewhere in the text game?

Thinking maybe sending this first "ahhh just been on my POF account seen youve been having a little neb, stalking me now "

Then if she replies say the were going out text - the Hey. What yous think?

Striker x