I've been seeing this girl this past month about 2-3 times per week until Hurricane Sandy hit. We were only seeing each other and definitely enjoyed each others' company (ie, kissed, held hands, bedroom stuff, and met my friends). She even said she didn't mind if I introduced her as my girlfriend.

But since the storm, we've been texting everyday and chatting on the phone every couple days. But last week, she started acting more distant, as if all of a sudden she became a different person. Less emotional, more straightforward, kind of coy, and flirtatious in a trolling way. So, I finally got her to hangout with me tomorrow. I've been playing it cool since I started seeing this, less contact and more space.

What do you guys/girls think? Do you think she's just trying to make me sweat or what? Would girls still see guys they've had emotional relationships with even if they weren't interested anymore? Thanks!