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Thread: Three guys one phone - How it's done son

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    Default Three guys one phone - How it's done son

    After 2 dates, a lot of testing and a lot of flakiness.

    ...texting about hanging.
    Autismus: "Opportunity window is closing princess, Imma bout to go back to my hw"
    HB7: "Lol its ok do that hw"
    Autismus: "Wow lol I've never been someone's two-date/nothing-more rebound before "
    HB7: "Lol I'm with my mentee. She was out of state"
    Autismus: "When I glanced down at this I thought you were hanging out with a manetee"
    HB7: "she's beautiful!"
    Virgil: "@Autismus don't be an ass bro!"
    RedBaron: "Really? Hmm then you should definitely introduce us sometime "
    HB7: "Lol shes also my little mentee"
    Cody: "Just sayin, mentees are the gentle giants of the sea"
    HB7: "Lol!^_^"

    *cyber high-five*
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