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    Question Verbal Dry Spell

    So I've been in this great relationship with a virgin.
    I really do like her and she can be pretty kinky in our private time so there is no problem there.
    Even though we haven't had sex yet (I respect the virgin thing) she does make up for it when we fool around.

    the problem is she's not very open when I try to dirty talk on the phone or when I text her.
    If I say something remotely sexual, she'll just respond with a "you're such a weirdo lol :P"

    Now if I was just trying to play any other girl, I would simply freeze her out and move on to the next girl. But since I actually have true feelings about this girl, and in a valid relationship with her, I can't do that.

    I know it's not a big deal considering she makes up for it in the real world. But sometimes I'd like to hear about her fantasies and I'd like to get her riled up when we're not with each other.
    Is this a lost cause? Is she just verbally closed up? Or is there some way I can get her to have a nice sexting session?

    Keep in mind that I'm being faithful in this relationship, so no responses that involve cheating or making her jealous by talking to other girls.

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    Default Re: Verbal Dry Spell

    You shouldn't start talking about it over text cuz shes obviously uncomfortable w it. When you're alone and fooling around you could start to bring it up. Like "do you like it when I do that?" and start escalating the sexual talk like "where else do you want to be touched" and whenever she gives you an answer and starts to talk more just reward & reinforce it with positive attention so she'll open up more in the future.

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