Hi, im new to the forum and to pickup it self. Im not into the social media, never really cared about it. My game is very normal i need to work on all aspects thats why im here. I recently opened a POF account and have had decent sucess # closing. I can flirt, neg, and what not but it seems that after i get the number and start texting them i cant get it to move much further from their and i flirt good i dont keep sh*t boring or do the interview mode bs. I dont know if im not dhv, im not hooking or im not building enough sexual tension.

Out of 9 numbers ive only met up with one, the other i was about to but failed the 2 shit test that i was given. Stupid me should have seen it coming geez. Either way im trying to figure out why i Number Close so easily but cant hook them on a date maybe im trying to set it up too soon and not building enough rapport. Im getting numbers within about 25 messages. I keep it simple funny and not needy. What am i missing chime in here guys.