This chick I just met thinks I'm a player. I should take it as a compliment as I am far from it.
I hooked up with her the second day I met her after spending almost 12 hours with her in her city before that. She lives 45 mins north of me. I stayed the night, which wasn't my or her original intention

She told me that her previous dating life had failed because she couldn't date other guys who were dating other women at the same time. Now she said that she couldn't sleep or kiss other men either and that she was can not have sex or kiss diffrent guys at the same time, that is weird for her. Don't know if she's actually sincere about that or if she's just saying that so she doesn't look like an easy girl.

I know not to put all my eggs in one basket. But I like to be truthful and my guilty conscience would get to me if I dated other girls while I dated this chick. I'm talking to a few other girls but I really want to find a better way to date this chick and reassure her I'm not a player. But she could be doing the very same and I would be naive to not think that's a possibility. Would it be wrong for me to ask her if she wanted to date me seriously? So that I wouldn't see other girls if that was the case.

So after hooking up with her we set up another meeting this time in my city. She said she was coming down with a bad cold the day before and we didn't end up meeting up. But funny she said that because the day I met her she told this guy that asked her out that she was "sick." She had coffee with the guy like twice before. So I'm trying to think if she's just pulling the same sh1t or if I should just give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was really sick.

She hasn't been responsive lately and when I tried to set up another meeting for this week she said she had a friend coming into town but she suggested that maybe we could meet up next week.

What should I do? Slowly going into AFC mode and wanting to text her and call her out and see if it was just a One Night Stand. I'm positive the sex was good. Maybe she just feels bad for giving it up so easy so she was embarrassed?