Hi, I'm 21 and this was the first date i ever had. I've been in a realtionship for 4 years, so I'm not new to women, but I got my ex in highschool with help from our group of friends, not really dated, just got together.

But I've been single for a while now and finally found the courage to get a date. I went out today with a college classmate, and even though I K-close, don't really know how to follow.

The date, short story, was: I picked her with my car, we went to a park(decorated in a japanese style), and walked there for about an hour. Good conversation and laughing, though sometimes I lost my focus and the thing got a little down, but nothing too serious.

Big mistake, I didn't escalate at all, therefor there wasn't really any physical comfort builded.

It came the hour I had to leave to other compromises, so we went back to the car to drive her home-the time before that i knew the date was finishig so I started thinking the way to throw a kiss- . We got to her house, and when she leaned to kiss me goodbye(in the cheek, the most common thing in Argentina) I went for the mouth. Just a little a touch, didn't pressure her, and she just stood there no turning her face, neither going away, but laying still in the very close space between us.

So I asumed she wasn't saying no and kept going, we may had kiss for 20/30 secs, and the whole time she didnt move her lips, the stragest thing. I didn't understand what was happening, didn't say no, but didn't fall into it. I tried to kiss her diferent ways, and during the experience I think I felt her lips move at some point, but almos nothing.

I do have in my favor that she DID squeece my hand in a slow, i'm getting turned on, way. But no much.

Not getting what she really wanted, I think I took a step back for a second, she took the breake and said goodbye, not just leaving, but by kissing me in the cheek and the openning the door and getting down.

I know I didn't create a good situation, i was clumpsy and too foward. But despite that, I was shocked, I could handle a NO, or she getting into it. But the stillness whith some proof of a positive response got me off guard.

I will see her tomorrow in class, the last class of the year. Any advice on how to go on? To see where does she stands?

As detail, not a minor one, I didn't do it in the las 2 weeks because some classes were already finished, but her home is in the way to mine, so i usually gave her a ride. Tomorrow is possible, and also the last one.

Thanks for your attention, hope it didn't end up too long!!