Guys, my girlfriend of about 3 months has suddenly been acting distant the past couple days. She still contacts me and we text, just not as often, not with as affectionate of language, and just not the same feeling as I used to get from her.

She's been under a ton of stress with family school and friends, and I may have been guilty of being a little too available and bugging to hang out to much. But I really don't think so? I 100% doubt that its another guy, just saying. She literally would not even have time for any of that, and I trust her.

Yesterday she had a moment where she blowed up at me saying "lately it seems like all you care about is sex, and we always go out with your friends to much". I was shocked to hear that, it's not true and we moved past it. We talked a little this morning, but I feel bummed at my family thanksgiving party. I have not texted her all day in an attempt to give space, however she has not texted me either . Should I say something sweet to her or leave it? I feel like telling this girl that I miss her.