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    Default Opening boring pof profiles

    So my latest sticking point is working out how to open boring pof profiles where girls don't make any effort and write a sentence or alternatively just post the same generic shit as everyone else i.e. I'm funny, interesting....yada yada yada

    I like to open with witty well constructed messages but I find it very hard to do so when they have nothing for me to hook onto in their profiles!!!

    I look at pictures, occupation and all the rest of it but when nothing comes I'm a bit stumped and I don't really want to have to resort to canned messages as I don't do very well with them.

    any advice?

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    Default Re: Opening boring pof profiles

    As I've been learning and practicing this stuff I've come across more and more women with boring profiles. Even worse are the ones that say 'just get to know me' or the ones crying about how awkward or stupid filling out the profile is.

    It's kinda annoying, honestly, but them's the breaks I guess. Haha.

    Anyway, what about busting on them for having a boring or unoriginal profile?

    I'm new at this, but I just came up with this:

    OMG! Your profile really spoke to me! I can't believe I finally found a woman who's interesting and funny (or any other traits she lists). I'm interesting and funny too. We're perfect for each other! I'm calling my mom right now, she's gonna be so happy!
    What do you think? Too much sarcasm? LOL.

    Maybe I can come up with something better later...

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